Yoga At Home – Establishing a Personal Practice

For some, studio yoga just doesn’t feel right. For others, having the flexibility to practice at a time that is convenient is important. This 4 week Kelowna based course provides the foundation needed to begin your personal journey. In addition to presenting asanas (yoga postures) and how to bring them together into a home program, the course will provide basic philosophical concepts and address some of the opportunities and challenges for establishing a home practice.

Self Hypnosis for Life Change

Participants will learn some of the history, fundamental concepts and techniques required for carrying out self hypnosis and overcoming resistance to change. Participants also gain the understanding necessary to formulate hypnosis scripts and then practice applying this understanding to their own areas of interest.

Workshop and Seminar Rates

The Mindful Child            $550 per month

Yoga at Home                  $175 (16 hour course)

Self Hypnosis                   $150 full day workshop

(Prices are + HST)